Project 38:

International Day of Light: Starry Night

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2018-01-20 17:23:32

Welcome to the Light Mosaic project that we are doing in conjunction with the Light Painting World Alliance as a project for the International Day of Light!

The way this works is pretty simple:

1. Make an account on this site if you haven't already.

2. Click on the 'My Profile' link and give us a few more bits of information so we can credit you properly!

3. On this page, choose how many tiles you would like to create, then click 'Request Tiles'. These tiles will be added to your 'My Tiles' page. If you are not logged in you cannot request tiles.

4. Using light painting techniques, recreate each of the tiles you selected as best you can. They will not be a perfect match, but do your best and have fun!

5. Return to the "My Tiles" page, locate the tile you have completed and upload your work! Your image should be 1000x1000 pixels square. If you upload an image that is not a square then the system will automatically pick the biggest possible square from the center of your image. To avoid acceidental cropping you should just upload an already-cropped square. If your image is larger than 1000x1000 then it will be resized.

6. Make as many tiles as you would like to make. You can have up to 5 tiles at a time and as you submit your tiles you can get more, up to 20. We may increase the maximum number you can create but right now we want to give everyone a chance to participate!

7. Keep on the project at the Facebook page for this project

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With the Light Painting World Alliance for the International Day of Light

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